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Internationally acknowledged language examinations at Sprachstudio Köln


Why telc?

The European Language Certificates – telc is a leading institution for conducting language tests in 11 languages and at various levels of the Common European Framework of Reference. Sprachstudio Köln is a licensed telc examination and competence center and offers German examinations for the levels B1, B2, B1-B2 Beruf and C1-Hochschule.

Our language tests

telc B1

telc B2


C1 Hochschule

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Die Vorbereitung auf die

 telc-Prüfungen B1, B2 und C1 Hochschule  bieten wir Ihnen im individuellen Einzelunterricht online bei lizenzierten telc-Prüferinnen an.

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Terms of participation


  • Due to the current situation regarding COVID 19 you will receive detailed information on the procedure during the exam day once you register with  your invoice by e-mail. We are furthermore obliged to save your contact data in order to contain a transmission in the event of infection; it is essential that contact persons can be retraced fast and without problems.

  • Please come on time to the written exam. If you come too late and the instruction has already started, you will unfortunately not be able to take the written exam.

  • Before the exams Sprachstudio Köln is obliged to do a strict identity control. Please bring your passport or identity card with you on the day of the exam. Otherwise you will not be able to take the exam.

  • Please bring a soft pencil and an eraser as well.

  • No dictionaries may be used.

  • All mobile phones and other communication devices habe to be handed to proctor during the exam. The exam regulations of telc gGmbH apply.

  • The evaluation of the exam takes around 6 - 8 weeks, Sprachstudio Köln has no influence on the duration. The participants will be informed via e-mail as soon as the results arrive at Sprachstudio Köln. Certificates or result sheets can only be picked up in person after scheduling an appointment. It´s not possible to receive the results by post. If a participant is not able to pick the results up himself, he can authorize another person.
  • The registration via our online form is binding and obligates the participant to pay the exam fee. The payment needs to be made until the deadline stated on the invoice. In the case of a late payment Sprachstudio Köln will send up to three payment reminders. Should the payment still not be made Sprachstudio Köln will commission the local court of cologne with a default action.
  • The registration and payment has to be made until 30 days before the exam. Late registrations can be accepted until 16 days before the exam with immediate payment (proof by sending the transfer receipt) given that there are still free spots available.
  • The registration for the exam date and level is binding and can not be postponed or changed. Payments already made will be forfeited should the participant not attend the exam. A cancellation is only possible until 30 days before the exam. Should the payment already have been made you will need to fill out a form for the refund. The refund will be made within 30 days minus a handling fee of 20€. After the 30 days deadline, a cancellation is only possible in exceptional cases (i.e. by submitting a medical certificate that states inability to take an exam on the exam day, the certificate has to be submitted until 2pm at the test day, a note by the Gesundheitsamt that orders quarantine will not be accepted by telc!). In this case an administrative fine will be due. (B1 and B2 exams 100€, C1 exams 120€) The difference will be tranferred within 30 days. The administrative fine for late registrations (20€) will not be refunded. For other information regarding cancellations see Teilnahmebedingungen here.
  • Should you not present an official negative Covid test (not older than 24 hours) at the exam day- regardless of your vaccination statis -  you can not participate in the exam. A refund is not possible in this case.
  • See also Teilnahmebedingungen at the online registration here.
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